Welcome to the YENIVERSE, home of the METACREATOR! We are committed to building the exciting and inevitable METAVERSE.

🚀💰🦄 — YENIZEN has launched in BETA! You can enter here or via the floating “portal” on the bottom of this webpage!

See you inside! It’s quite easy to get started:

We are artistscreatorsentrepreneurs, and startup founders who are love building and sharing our work with others on the internet. We love our communities and want the freedom to build a business on our own terms, in our own way. This is The Metacreator Way™️.

We gather daily to co-build, encourage, and support one another.

YEN Retreat — San Francisco, 2019

Who / What is a YENIZEN?

yen · izen · noun

A metacreator who’s building their future in the metaverse. They are principally artists, creators, and entrepreneurs, who are living in (and building) the future.


Metacreators are obsessed with doing their art, building businesses, and hanging out in communities that they love.

The Metaverse is a place where metacreators spend more time doing what they love with more people who love what they do — it’s a place where anyone can be every version of themselves, not just the “proper” ones! Real, pseudonymous, or anonymous is a “roll of the dice” — it’s your game, you make the rules.

Welcome to “The Infinite Game Machine” — where folks young and old can play; there are no rules and the limits are only as large as your own imagination. The rest is up to you.

Don’t forget to have fun; in fact, don’t go too crazy.


It really is this easy! <sysop> Michele can show you as well:

YEN Retreat — San Francisco, 2019

Our SYsop Code:

We exist to honor the creator; honor the metaverse. We believe that metacreators can change the world (they already have!). We believe that to change the world we must not just think different, we must be different in all our fantastic and wonderful forms.

To that end we are here to help everyone build great, meaningful, and fun communities. And although we manage this site, this is OUR YENIVERSE that we get to build together and we need your help to make it the place you always wanted to be.

Respect each other. Try to criticize ideas, not people. Don’t spam. Don’t be a jerk. If you see something, say something. Or just metaform them out. It’s just that easy to keep the peace.

Leave it better than when you arrived.


🤫 — Coming Soon!

If you’ve built a YENIVERSE then we’re building a space for you too! Leading humans and metaforming spaces for them is hard work! But don’t worry, we’re kind of the experts around these parts.


Tools to help you build a great community & business.

Let us know if you need anything! We are here to serve you.

The end of social is here… are you in?